I’m generally a “glass half full” kind of person and I know many people are not. For those of you who usually see the glass as half empty, I hope you’ll keep reading. I’d like to offer you some of what I call “Pandemic Lemonade.”
That’s the name I’ve given to those unexpected good things that happen during this unbelievably trying time. I coined the phrase after hearing myself say things like, “well that’s a good lesson that’s coming from Coronavirus,” or “see, that’s another blessing in disguise from this horrible pandemic.”  Trying to look on the bright side does not minimize in ANY way the suffering and loss caused by COVID-19.  My heart aches for everyone affected by this tragedy.  But the “glass half full” approach is one tool in my pandemic survival toolkit.  Trying to see some things in a positive light has helped me. Maybe it can help you too.

Here’s a list of some pandemic lemons that can be made into lemonade when you stop to notice the good parts of this rough year.

WORKING REMOTELY: I know many of you hate it and you’d love to get back to your office, but isn’t it good that now bosses see how productive and efficiently workers CAN BE at home? I’d like to think that post-COVID, they will be more open to some form of remote work. It’s good for worker morale (no commuting stress and more time to handle household issues) and the planet (fewer cars on the road).

ACCEPTANCE: Corporate dress codes have loosened in many places and we’ve all gotten used to a more casual “at home” look, right? Perfectly done hair and makeup seems less important when everyone knows you’re juggling work/kids and trying to keep everyone from getting sick.

MENTAL HEALTH: We’re taking time for self-care and really listening when we ask people, “How are you doing?” Conversations about anxiety, depression, isolation, and addiction are happening more openly because so many of us are struggling. If more people feel comfortable asking for help, then more people can get help which will be great.

HYGIENE: People are more aware of how illness spreads so we’re all likely to take hand washing and covering our mouths more seriously.  I’m hoping these good habits continue forever so even future flu seasons won’t be as bad as they’ve been.

FAMILY: With more time at home, are you enjoying more quality time with family? I’m hearing about family walks and board game nights providing a nice alternative to kids being glued to their devices.  Family dinners have come back in style.

What would you add to the list? Please comment below.