Blonde woman relaxes on teal sofa after completing interviewsIn 2003, I started my own company: Lisa Leonard Voiceworks, LLC.   (You can read the original anniversary blog post here.). To mark the occasion of my 20th Anniversary, I booked time at Main Line Studios in West Chester where producer Eric LaCasse interviewed me about my career.  It was fun to take a stroll down memory lane, while sharing information which I hope will be helpful for anyone who may be considering hiring a voice actor.

I’ve posted 20 different video clips on Instagram over the past month.  Some have gone on LinkedIn.  And now  they’re on my YouTube Channel in a playlist called 20th Anniversary of Lisa Leonard Voiceworks.  Each combined video is 60 seconds of less.

I didn’t prepare my responses in advance.  My hope is that viewers would get a sense of my experience and professionalism.  “She’s been at this for more than 20 years, so she must know what she’s doing!”   I also hope that viewers find my content helpful. “Oh, so that’s what I should do before hiring a voice actor!”  And a final wish is that the viewer would enjoy a chuckle hearing about some of the more unusual VoiceOver gigs I’ve had.  “Yes, my voice really was heard by horse sperm buyers!”

Is there one fact or story you found most interesting, helpful, or entertaining?  Please share in the Comments section.