koalas almost touching noses

I donated some of my voiceover income to the Koala Hospital of Port Macquarie after the horrific bushfires in Australia. Now, I’m looking at other ways of giving.

How many Giving Tuesday e-mails landed in your inbox this week? 

The needs this year seem greater, and situations seem more dire because of this terrible pandemic.  With each “new message” alert came a bit of a sinking feeling like, “I wish I could help EVERYONE.”  Unless I win a big lottery jackpot, that’s not likely to happen so I started reflecting on what I CAN do–right now–to help people.

I can offer to write testimonials for colleagues I’ve worked with during my radio career.  I can enhance a client’s LinkedIn page with a glowing recommendation.  I can make introductions.  I can invite people to catch up, and even dance with me, over Zoom!  I put all of those ideas into an e-mail I sent to previous and current clients.  Already two voiceover producers have expressed interest in my writing a testimonial for them.  And you know what else?  They both mentioned how they’d be happy to reciprocate.  Bonus!

Those are all simple things I can do to help others, and they don’t cost any money.  If you’d like to give back and make a positive difference for an individual or organization, remember you can give of your time and talent too.

What are some other ways to brighten someone’s day without spending money?