I read a post that made me feel better. Wellness expert Kaleana Quibell reminded readers that the re-entry back to normal activities is a very personal experience.  And for those who tend to run a little anxious, as I do, this has been a stressful transition period.

Case in point:  the 3 days I just spent at a wonderful voiceover conference.  While I was so excited to go and learn and have fun with old and new friends, I had a pesky thought running through my head the whole time.  “You might catch COVID.”

Having spent almost three years virus-free, I’ve gotten very comfortable in my personal protective bubble.  I’m now very used to solitude and masking.  So, I was a bit conflicted going into rooms full of, at times, more than 100 people.Author, voice actor Lisa Leonard, shown in photo wearing a black face mask. She has shoulder length blonde hair and purple and green plastic framed eye glasses. She is crossing her fingers, hoping she did not catch COVID during her recent conference attendance

I decided to trust my instincts.  That meant I allowed myself to give some hugs, and sit near friends during mealtimes.  (All of that felt great, by the way!)  But I also walked out of a session when I felt too crowded.  I sat alone in the back of the room at times to give myself some space.   I even skipped a session for a mid-day meditation and nap in my hotel room.   Old me would have felt badly about appearing rude or anti-social.  But Post-Pandemic Lisa knows I did what I had to do to feel safe and comfortable.

That’s why it was nice to read Kaleana’s post, and all of the comments that followed.

“Whatever barriers you need to put up to protect your physical (or mental) health, just do it. You don’t require anyones permission to take care of your needs.”

How has your transition to socializing and in-person conferencing been?  Please share in the Comments section below.