Now that Android users have access to Clubhouse, I’m sharing a few more reasons why I love using the app. Clubhouse logo with text that reads "Why I Love Clubhouse, Part 2"

Authentic, Supportive People:  I pride myself on being a good reader of people.  I can usually spot pretense a mile away.  In my several months on Clubhouse, my sense is that most of the people who talk are speaking authentically.  I’ve been brought to tears in some of the rooms where speakers shared their survival stories (abusive pasts, discrimination, workplace harassment) and what inevitably happens is that one person’s vulnerable share will lead to another’s, and another’s.  Clubhouse allows people to connect in a real, human way and through these connections we can all learn from and be inspired by each other.   And we can help if we want to.

Comedy Shows and Game Rooms:  Don’t let the above comments make you think it’s always “heavy” on Clubhouse.  There are hundreds of rooms for Comedy and Trivia and plenty of other lighthearted topics.  Some people host Happy Hour and even overnight rooms where things can get pretty hilarious!

Networking is Encouraged:  Clubhouse is a place where networking is considered a positive.   The ideal scenario is that you’ll hear someone speak in a CH room, get value from what they said, “follow” them on the app, then connect with them on Instagram or Twitter where then you can take the conversation “offline.”  Maybe that person will become an accountability partner?  Or a friend?  Or a paying client?  In addition to making connections in this way, you can join actual networking rooms where you’ll get to introduce yourself and tell everyone about your business or service.

If you’re wanting to make business or personal connections, Clubhouse can help you with both.   I’m not a paid spokesperson for them…just a satisfied user who thinks it’s a perfect app for this challenging time.  Missing your old social life?  Make new friends on CH.  Missing travelling?  Connect with people who live in places you love or want to visit.  Pandemic caused job loss or other financial hardship?  Network with thousands of people all over the world.  Feeling stuck or bummed out?   Attend any of the inspirational, motivational talks about mental health and pivoting during the pandemic.

Would you like an invitation to try Clubhouse?  Let me know and I’ll be glad to send you one while my supply lasts.

If you’ve been using the app, I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the Comments section below.