In my 20s I went through a stage in which I thought I had it all figured out.  I’d learned what I needed to learn.  I was newly and happily married.  I thought that was the start of “settling into” life as a full-grown adult.   That couldn’t have been further from the truth! My subsequent divorce sent me on a journey of personal growth; including therapy, coaching, and lots of reading.  In a way I’m grateful the divorce shook me off course.  It made me realize there was so much I DIDN’T know!  That breakup put me onto a path of personal and professional growth that I’m grateful for. I realized that I LOVE learning and I feel most alive when I’m growing and evolving.  Now as I celebrate my 56th birthday, I want to share some recent proof that, “it’s never too late to try something you’re interested in.”

Last year I did some coaching with the wonderful TV narrator Thom Pinto.  I learned and practiced techniques for voicing documentaries and the types of shows one might see on Discovery and HGTV.  With his assistance, and the skills of Roy Yokelson from Antland Productions, I recorded my first TV Narration demo.  My deliveries range from a friendly “House Hunters” style to a serious murder mystery voice, to a professorial sound that’s wise yet approachable.  I’m proud to say that my “late in life” learning was well-received by SOVAS, the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences.  I received a SOVAS nomination in the category of Best Narration Demo: TV/Film!Voice Arts Awards Nominee badge

I did not win, but was honored to be nominated this year! Turns out, you can teach an old dog new tricks after all!

And by the way, the 2021 Voice Arts Awards ceremony was a pleasure to attend!  Being at the impressive Guggenheim Museum surrounded by talented voice actors made it a very memorable night.  SOVAS co-founders Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins put on a great event that really celebrated the VoiceOver industry.


Is there a skill you’ve developed later in life?  Or a hobby you’ve embraced?  Please share in the Comments section.