Lisa Leonard Help and Healing Hanging Opening Screen - Helpful Wellness TipsWhat’s been your “pandemic project?” Maybe you learned how to play an instrument, or studied a foreign language. Perhaps you’re doing home renovation or organization projects. I taught myself iMovie (thanks to some helpful YouTube videos and lots of trial and error.) It’s something I wanted to learn because I wanted to use video as a way to help people during this challenging time.  In early summer, I set up a makeshift home studio, tapped into my old skills as a broadcast journalist and interviewed experts about issues I knew many of us were dealing with. Read on to learn more about helpful wellness tips.

You can find all 65 episodes of the “Help and Healing Hangout” on my You Tube channel, but I thought I might also use this blog space to spotlight each of the topics that were covered. In the coming weeks I’ll post links to playlists about Mental Health, Workplace Issues, Physical Wellness, Family Life, etc. Each episode is only about 5 minutes long and I’m sure you’ll get some helpful information and/or inspiration from watching.

Today, I’ll share 5 episodes with Nutritionist and Health Coach Kristin Tomlinson.
She talks about how lifestyle impacts the immune system. She recommends making sleep and stress management a priority right now. She discusses the benefits of healthy, plant-based foods but also acknowledges that we may be eating junk and/or stress eating during the pandemic. Kristin also touches on mindfulness, menopause, and explains the difference between probiotics and prebiotics.

What food have you been preparing a lot during the pandemic? I’ve become a master macaroni and cheese maker. It’s the ultimate comfort food in my opinion. Please share your favorite culinary creation in the comments below.