Logo of Clubhouse app and text that says "why I love Clubhouse Part One"

If you’re an Android user who’s wanting to join the popular Clubhouse app, you’re in luck! The founders just announced that people with Android devices can now download and start using the free social media platform.  For the past several months I’ve been listening to and participating in some excellent conversations.  Here are 2 reasons why I think Clubhouse can be helpful personally and professionally.

Access to Thought Leaders:  This audio-only platform gives me the opportunity to learn from some of the best.  Sure there are some famous people on the app who give advice and share insights, but I’m also learning from non-celebrity types.  It’s like attending a conference on whatever topic you’re interested in.  You can attend the big keynote speeches or you can walk down the hall and pop into any of the breakout sessions that pique your interest.  In many cases you can raise your hand and be called onto the stage to ask the expert your question.  Or you can take a couple minutes to share some of your own experience so others in the room can benefit.  “Adding Value” is a phrase you’ll hear a lot on Clubhouse.

Variety of Topics:  For someone who likes to learn, Clubhouse soil is rich with information on a wide range of topics.  I’ve enjoyed rooms (aka conversations) about Stress Management, Healthy Eating, Consumer Trends, Artificial Intelligence, Video Production, Social Media Marketing, Emotional Intelligence, Home Organization, and of course, Voiceover.

I invite you to click on the app’s magnifying glass and type in any letter and see the range of topics that shows up.  I just did it using the letter A and here’s a sample of topics that came up:

Automobiles, Autoimmune Disease, Authors, Athletics, Anthropology, and Anti-Aging.  There are hundreds of thousands of conversations going on across the globe every day!

Have you been using Clubhouse?  If so, I’d love to hear your experiences, positive or negative.  Please share in the Comments below. 

If you’re an Android user and would like an invitation, just let me know!