screen shot showing percentage of voice actors who are in SAG-AFTRA and those who are not.

Colorful pie charts and interesting facts can be found in the State of VO survey results which were just released.

The VoiceOver industry is one that I’m so proud to be a part of.  Beyond the “getting paid to use my talents and do something I love” aspect, I get to collaborate with other voice actors.  Most of them are kind, creative, fun people who also love the work. And what is so noticeable is how much we support each other.  Look at any voice actor group on the internet and you’ll see thousands of “applause” and “high-five”emojis celebrating each others’ successes.  And thousands of encouraging posts and silly memes to lift each other up when we’re down.  I’ve heard numerous entertainment industry folks refer to voice actors as a rare breed, for we are performers without the “big egos” that are prevalent in other fields.

Having been a member of the Voice Actors of NYC Facebook group for a number of years, I’ve gotten to see how much its founder, Carin Gilfry, cares about its members and the VO industry.  So I was not surprised to hear she had created a survey of VoiceOver artists.  The just-released results provide an interesting peek inside our lives and careers, including how both were impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the VoiceOver industry, I encourage you to look at the survey results here. You can watch a brief summary of the research project here.

Carin and her team, Karin Barth, Maria Pendolino, Joey Shaljo, and data scientist Eric Yang worked tirelessly to collect and compile all the responses.  Now that the findings are easily accessible on a dedicated website, please consider sharing the link.  The survey gives voice talents an opportunity to learn about each other, and gives a glimpse behind our booth walls to producers, agents, managers, union reps, and end clients.  This kind of information sharing is sure to help us all work better together.

Did anything in the survey surprise you?  Please share in the Comments section.