Lisa Leonard Help and Healing VO
Lisa Leonard Help and Healing VO

A Look Behind Our VO Booth Walls

screen shot showing percentage of voice actors who are in SAG-AFTRA and those who are not.

Colorful pie charts and interesting facts can be found in the State of VO survey results which were just released.

The VoiceOver industry is one that I’m so proud to be a part of.  Beyond the “getting paid to use my talents and do something I love” aspect, I get to collaborate with other voice actors.  Most of them are kind, creative, fun people who also love the work. read more…

Self Care is Not Selfish

photo of flowers on massage table with candle burning in backgroundThere’s a meme and phrase that’s having its day in the sun and I couldn’t be happier:  Self Care is not Selfish!

Ask any mental health professional and they will tell you you must prioritize your well-being. In doing so, not only will you be healthy, but you’ll be able to be a better employee, partner, parent, friend, etc.  To elaborate with a few more similar phrases that I’m hearing a lot lately, “You can’t serve from an empty vessel,” and “You must put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help anyone else.” read more…

Gold-Medal Life Lessons: Part 1

action shot of Team USA's Alexis Sablone

It was the first time I had ever watched Skateboarding on TV.  Knowing this was the first Olympics to include the sport, I was curious to witness this historic event happening in Tokyo.  In 20 minutes of viewing, here’s what ran through my mind:

Oh NO, she just fell!
She better be careful…not wearing a helmet!
OMG, I could NEVER do that!
Ouch! Looks like that really hurt!
She fell too? Yikes, is the Olympic Skate Park cursed? Damaged?
My concern and empathy for these skateboarders quickly turned to admiration when I realized the life lessons that they were reminding us of:

read more…

More Reasons to Join Clubhouse

Now that Android users have access to Clubhouse, I’m sharing a few more reasons why I love using the app. Clubhouse logo with text that reads "Why I Love Clubhouse, Part 2"

Authentic, Supportive People:  I pride myself on being a good reader of people.  I can usually spot pretense a mile away.  In my several months on Clubhouse, my sense is that most of the people who talk are speaking authentically.  I’ve been brought to tears in some of the rooms where speakers shared their survival stories (abusive pasts, discrimination, workplace harassment) and what inevitably happens is that one person’s vulnerable share will lead to another’s, and another’s.  Clubhouse allows people to connect in a real, human way and through these connections we can all learn from and be inspired by each other.   And we can help if we want to.

Comedy Shows and Game Rooms:  Don’t let the above comments make you think it’s always “heavy” on Clubhouse.  There are hundreds of rooms for Comedy and Trivia and plenty of other lighthearted topics.  Some people host Happy Hour and even overnight rooms where things can get pretty hilarious! read more…

Android Users Can Now Use Clubhouse!

Logo of Clubhouse app and text that says "why I love Clubhouse Part One"

If you’re an Android user who’s wanting to join the popular Clubhouse app, you’re in luck! The founders just announced that people with Android devices can now download and start using the free social media platform.  For the past several months I’ve been listening to and participating in some excellent conversations.  Here are 2 reasons why I think Clubhouse can be helpful personally and professionally.

Access to Thought Leaders:  This audio-only platform gives me the opportunity to learn from some of the best.  Sure there are some famous people on the app who give advice and share insights, but I’m also learning from non-celebrity types.  It’s like attending a conference on whatever topic you’re interested in.  You can attend the big keynote speeches or you can walk down the hall and pop into any of the breakout sessions that pique your interest.  In many cases you can raise your hand and be called onto the stage to ask the expert your question.  Or you can take a couple minutes to share some of your own experience so others in the room can benefit.  “Adding Value” is a phrase you’ll hear a lot on Clubhouse.

read more…

Today’s Healthcare Heroes Spotlight: Nurses

nurse leaning against wallOn this National Nurses’ Day, I’m feeling awestruck.  I truly don’t know how nurses have survived this pandemic.  To show up and work under incredibly challenging circumstances day after day, focusing on patients and their families (no matter what personal loss or burnout they may be going through themselves,) it’s just amazing to me.  Much respect for ALL healthcare workers but it’s Nurses’ Week so I’m focusing this blog post on them. read more…

Pandemic Pants and Pep Talks

Do you know what a pants-expander is? It’s a stretchy rubber loop that attaches to the button of a pair of pants. I confess I bought 6 of them because my size 8 jeans just weren’t fitting anymore. Hopeful that my pandemic stress eating will subside and I’ll get back down to my usual weight and size soon, I didn’t want to splurge on a bunch of new pants so I’ve been wearing these goofy looking pants-expanders.
2 pairs of jeans showing pants expanders in use
Clearly, I’m not alone. Sales of stretchy yoga and sweat pants increased over the past year when we’ve been working from home with 24/7 access to our snacks and comfort foods.

I say all that to let you know of a positive experience I’ve just had. read more…

Helpful Wellness Tips in Bite-Sized Clips: Revisiting “Help & Healing Hangout”

Lisa Leonard Help and Healing Hanging Opening Screen - Helpful Wellness TipsWhat’s been your “pandemic project?” Maybe you learned how to play an instrument, or studied a foreign language. Perhaps you’re doing home renovation or organization projects. I taught myself iMovie (thanks to some helpful YouTube videos and lots of trial and error.) It’s something I wanted to learn because I wanted to use video as a way to help people during this challenging time.  In early summer, I set up a makeshift home studio, tapped into my old skills as a broadcast journalist and interviewed experts about issues I knew many of us were dealing with. Read on to learn more about helpful wellness tips.

read more…

The Season of Giving…Time and Kind Words

koalas almost touching noses

I donated some of my voiceover income to the Koala Hospital of Port Macquarie after the horrific bushfires in Australia. Now, I’m looking at other ways of giving.

How many Giving Tuesday e-mails landed in your inbox this week? 

The needs this year seem greater, and situations seem more dire because of this terrible pandemic.  With each “new message” alert came a bit of a sinking feeling like, “I wish I could help EVERYONE.”  Unless I win a big lottery jackpot, that’s not likely to happen so I started reflecting on what I CAN do–right now–to help people. read more…

Making Lemonade From Pandemic Lemons

I’m generally a “glass half full” kind of person and I know many people are not. For those of you who usually see the glass as half empty, I hope you’ll keep reading. I’d like to offer you some of what I call “Pandemic Lemonade.”
That’s the name I’ve given to those unexpected good things that happen during this unbelievably trying time. I coined the phrase after hearing myself say things like, “well that’s a good lesson that’s coming from Coronavirus,” or “see, that’s another blessing in disguise from this horrible pandemic.”  Trying to look on the bright side does not minimize in ANY way the suffering and loss caused by COVID-19.  My heart aches for everyone affected by this tragedy.  But the “glass half full” approach is one tool in my pandemic survival toolkit.  Trying to see some things in a positive light has helped me. Maybe it can help you too.

Here’s a list of some pandemic lemons that can be made into lemonade when you stop to notice the good parts of this rough year. read more…

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